For over 30 years Boston area based Daedalus Inc., has provided hands on conservation and restoration of sculpture, monuments, architectural ornament, modern art, decorative objects, historic fountains and museum collections. We work with a variety of institutions, private collectors, museums, municipalities and state and federal agencies in the Boston Area and throughout the United States to solve problems and to craft specific treatments related to the preservation of works of art and architecture. We have been trusted to preserve some of the most culturally significant objects of art and architecture in the country.

Our underlying ethos as it pertains to the treatment of artwork is that we are caretakers. We are obligated to approach treatments with the goal of protecting and preserving the original materials as well as respecting the intentions of the artists and craftspeople who created them. Whenever possible, Daedalus uses reversible materials with the understanding that the next generation of conservators may have the capacity to improve on our work.  We take pride in using both traditional techniques and modern materials as each work calls for it.

Whether it is a family heirloom or an historic national landmark, our team will treat each project with the same level of professional care. We strive to develop simple and straightforward treatment plans for complex conservation challenges.

The conservators of Daedalus, Inc. are pledged to perform all work in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of The American Institute for Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works (AIC).

205-3 Arlington Street
Watertown, MA 02472